Monday, June 22, 2009

five poems-sreedevi nair


My fate was to surrender,
Like the steps to success,
Tried in vain to count up
The steps to failure too.
While failings lamentably
I saw my self clearly.
I understood me.
Through my down falls
Igrew to a philosopher
In that way.


Each woman carries
An egg of the spring.
Even when there's no man near,
Like Kunthi,
Should deliver a child
Loving Sun and Wind.
Which woman does not wish
To give birth to a Karnan?
Why not crave to become
The wife of Sun at least,for a moment?
Heard that Varunan and Agni are
Searching for virgins and good women.
As i near the old age
I wish to surrender the virgin in me
To Varunan and Agni to
Deliver and bringup their kids.
There is semen,in every woman,
Of nature-gods.
To give birth,
And to raise kids,
It needs grit.


But none heard it.
They were not meant to be heard either.
What I called songs
Wear all turning into moan.
All the music did I play
Became wailings.
Yet many did call me
A singer.


Waiting for a relative
Under the lamp post
I rubbed the sleepy face,though,
The waiting continued.
But a fire fly came ,after the seconed -show,
Circled me twice, and asked why I'm there
But i did not reply.
The firefly made fun of me,
For seeking refuge under
The big lamp,
Called me names
And flew away.

actress who left stage

The actor who came down from the screen
Had a limp.
How clear it is.
That all was fake when he laughed or cried.
Still tried to find fun in that.
He never assumed
Himself an actror
Or a character.
But , since knowig his story,
Every thing was clear.
Yet he wanted to act.
He showed everyact o ugliness
To prove he was not the one who lived so long.
I,who knew all the history.
Left the theatre when got bored.
I could also become
An actress who left the drama.

trans: k. santhosh kumar