Sunday, June 21, 2009

Don't think you are alone:abdul raheem puthiya purayil

Don't think you are alone

Abdul Raheem Puthiya Purayil

Only one say. That way, you can be enlightened too....

Only one say.

Please don't run within the running train.

It won't put the train in more speed.

Nor it will change the direction of the train.

Rather you will get depressed and exhausted.

And you won't be able
To know, and get down at,
The station where you want to....
And move further from there onwards...

So, be relaxed and passively watching,

With no purposes.

Purposes are with edges on both sides
It will offend us and others as well
And will tire all.

So, watch out to see and experience more.
Observe and absorb.

Don't think you are alone.
We are all there with you in this world
With the same strains, stresses, pains and pressures.

And whatever the pain and pressures
You/we are taking and facing now,
Are not yours or ours only.

Those pressures and pains are of all.
It is of the face of the whole world and life therein.
And you/we happen to become, luckily,
Like mirrors to reflect them for all.

That way, if you want to be,
You can be enlightened too....

Flow of Novelties

Feeling something sometimes.
Jus because of spontaneous way of reacting.

Changing this feeling and wants
From time to time.
Just because of spontaneous way of reacting.

So, the flow happens,
With no kinds of inhibitions.
Being in the state in which it is (or we are),
With no conflicts and frictions.
Flowing only into novelties;
Never having to face repetition,
Never being monotonous,
Never stored with old and told
And completely undone and unmade ever.


But, to regret about the past feelings and wants
Would prove
Past feelings and wants were
Not real feeling and wants.
Breathing was not real breathing.
It was done for someone
As it is even now being done for some one.

Mostly, people live for their image in the mirror,
Though they don’t agree to this fact.
They are more outwardly, than inwardly.
Inwardly they are hollow
And to escape from this hollow feeling
Or to avoid facing of this hollowness,
They get more and more engaged with outward
And they become more and more outwardly.
Dirt and burden of these
Outward engagements and outwardliness
Get them lost of their mirror nature.
So, they don’t reflect,
Ccan't make themselves to be like mirror,
And, thereby, they can’t have their own
Or anyone's or anything's image in themselves.
They become lost from themselves and God;
But become as prisoners to the outward/external,
which really do not exist by itself.

And the mirror (the outward mirror – society or system), senseless,
Which doesn’t exist or stand by itself,
Doesn’t do anything wrong against any.

Still, if the images in the mirror happens to be bad
They start regretting, tensioning
And start to divert this regret and tension
As blame on the mirror.
And they tend to destroy/deny this mirror.
They don’t look into
As to what they really were
And what they really want.
They make their mistake as mirror’s mistake.

They did’t have to want anything.
And everything on this earth, needed for them,
Were and are given free, without need.
Be it air, water, light, soil, etc.
The real basis of all the life.

Still they exert a lot
And make too much effort to live physically,
Rather, to survive physically.

******** *****
But one has to be spontaneous
And have to react spontaneous,

I don't mean to react by physic.

Physicality and physical way of reacting
Enslaves one more to the karmas,
To the habits and its repercussions.
That will enslave him to be more and more materialistic
With more and more of insecurity feeling .

But, one has to react spiritually
To enable the flow really happen and continue.
To flow like meditating.
Attached, but not attached.
Detached, but not detached.
To pass through and by
Like a wayfarer,
Without being ever stuck in the path;
Or never the path being stuck in him.
Neither owning nor owned.
Neither possessing nor possessed.

Only then the flow happens.
Otherwise, it will cause big stagnancy.
Which people happen to say of their life,
In other words,
As troublesome, monotonous, boring.....

Flow will not have time and chance to feel boring.
It won’t have time to look back.
The moment it tends to look back
The flow will get stopped,
It will lose itself.
Chaos of Karma will be the result.
It will be trapped in the cycles of karma
Of going back and coming back.
Forgetting and remembering.

So, as for the real flow of enlightenment,
There is no sometime and something.
Every time the same feel and experience of flowing.

To have every time the same feel and experience
Won't mean
To have the repetition.
It is a state of being in the sate it is (we are).
Every time with novelties.
With no question of new and old,
With no question of bad and Good,
With no question of wrong and right.
So, no regret, for sometime and something,
After sometime and something.

Nothing but fullness.


It is true.
It is nothing.
Before and after it is nothing.

But in between
Feeling of having something.

And nothingness is
Nothing but fullness.
God, Pra-brahma.

The problem and mistake is with us.
We depend on others,
Who (others) are just shadows like us,
And blame the shadows, including us.

No one is because of and by themselves,
Except the one absolute and ultimate....
Except seeking the self.
If so, why should one depend on others
To seek and see the meaning of his life?

Going after others,
And looking at and depending on others
Will cause us only deviate from
Seeking and meeting the self
And thereby the absolute and ultimate....

Going after others is equal to
Increasing our desires and dreams,
With no clear cut idea or perception,
……, the mere cause of deviation and trap of Maya,
Which will cause us do more of karmas
Out of nucleus and orbit
To cause us face more of its repercussions….

We will be become like a child on the street
Hijacked by some magic of a magician
Forgetting that has is out of his house
To buy some pappad for his mother.

No one loves the other, except himself.
One can’t love other than himself.
Out of his love for himself, his life, the life, God,
He may like or dislike others and other things (shadows).
Basically to smoothen the path of his life or travel.

So don’t mistake this liking or disliking
As the absolute love…..
What we see as liking, disliking, hatred, enmity, etc….
Are love, but part of love….

When we love ourselves
We are loving life and God.
But loving God is not becoming possessive
Of possessions we have.

Loving God will make us for sure
To seek our start and end with God.
To seek and make the meaning for life.

Wrong Dialing Of A Number

Please don't worry.
You will be in a good and right place.

It is not because of our thinking and planning
Everything happens in our favor
And we are in good and right place.

Seeds do not sprout or sun doesn't rise
Because of our thinking and planning.

Sky doesn't rain and river doesn't flow
Because of our planning and thinking

Our own heart doesn't pulsate and
Stomach doesn't digest
Because of our thinking and planning

And just we are materially in good position
Will not mean we are in good position.

A prisoner is well protected by walls and security.
Nothing he has to worry about.

He has not to think and plan
For his food and stay,
For which, in usual case,
Everyone is in struggle and strife in his life.

Still, (no one considers too),
A Prisoner is not in a good position.

Mostly, it is our such thoughts and plans
Working as the reason and obstacles
Disabling us from reaching
The real good conclusion and destination.

Like our wrong dialing of a number.

It is not switched off. It is open - A letter

My mobile phone is not switched off.
It is open.
But, don't know
Whether the openness, in its absolute sense,
Is equal to closedness?

Like in the case of Para-Brahma………..

Open and everywhere.
But closed and nowhere,
With and in each self.

********* *******

Hope, by mistake,
You did not dial wrong too.

Otherwise, I don't see any other reason
For not being able to access.

This is to say, in other way,
Every one is in the reach
And is with the Para-Brahma.
But no one feels or realizes that
He is, and he is with, the Para-Brahma.

So is every one in ever seeking;
Without meeting
Unless he puts a mirror
And be ready and able to find himself
With an understanding that he is he.

See the magic of Maya………..

In one of my earlier mails,
I too have given you my number,
Missing one digit.

People all miss in their thinking and feeling
One or many digits….
And complain about not reaching
The right conclusion and destination.

Missing of one digit would be
More than enough
To get one astrayed,
Hijacked by the gimmicks of magic.

So, please check and try again and again

********* *******

One can pretend as forgetting, as a claim,
If he doesn’t like such memories.
But, for being without roots down (past)
Or branches up (present/future)
It will give him more of pressure
And take from him more of his positive energy
Making him unable to withstand
The passing of very simple breeze or wind.

How will it be possible for one to delete
All years,
Of one's total countable physical life period,
Out of his memory?

************ ************

I don't know as to what went wrong
With all of our batch
To be this much disconnected
And be least touched and influenced by this long years.

No one seems to have had any deep-rooted links,
Touching experiences,
Other than the claims without flames,
Withstanding the light of reality,
Penetrating facts,
Except the formal balloony one, of formality sake,
That burst, any time,
When they happen to be face to face
With the light or thorn of reality.

I don’t know whether any one really lived
This long years relationship
By giving his breath into this relationship

Without breathing (exchanging) in and out
How can one be living?
And how the relationship can be surviving?

The breathing that relationship would require
Is the exchange of feelings and thoughts
Of each to the other.

Once this breathing in and out is stopped, as usual,
The relationship will be dead
And will remain just physically, without support of life,
Decomposed with stench and worms.

Thanks a lot for being in touch.
Hope this will be for continuous
Inhaling and exhaling
And hope other more of our team
Will come to this line of breathing in and out
To live, pretendedly much forgotten, relationship

With thanks and great regards

To hear more and more .....