Tuesday, June 23, 2009

meditation- sukshmananda swami

Meditation is the ability to be the witness, and is highly valued
and considered beneficial in many ways.
Whatever else it does, and it does many beneficial things ,
these are simply the impacts on the system when one is the witness.
Whatever the advantages of meditation may be in the material life ,
cannot be a material practice or a religious practice .
It is a spiritual practice.
Meditation is simply another name for spirituality.

The ability to be the witness has nothing to do
with the physical act of meditation ,
which is practiced everywhere in the world.
That doesn't mean that the physical act of meditation
has no relevance or no significance .
However, for witnessing it has only little to contribute.
should not be reduced to the short sitings
of the physical act or to a particular posture meant for meditation ,
but is something that must be done at all times.
If you hold the notion that being
the witness only occurs during
scheduled meditation times ,
you will miss the significance of meditation forever.
If you can be witness right here and now ,
you can also be the witness during the usual meditation sitings.
Therefore, the qualification for being the
witness is the ability to be the witness right now.
If it is missing now,
it will be missing forever
and no amount of meditation
will enable you to recover it.